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Written Testimonials

“You are amazing!!! Seriously, after talking with you it really cleared up my thinking and I am feeling 100% more motivation to fill my classes….and a way through without comprising who I am. Quite the contrary, actually feeling like…”Oh yes. That’s what I am about. That’s where I can stand and be fully me and contribute. Feels really great!” So, excited. You are REALLY great at what you do. I feel so blessed to get to work with you!!! “
Mary – Actor


“When I launched my business, I thought I had a pretty clear idea of what I did. But actually, I only had a vague idea. Tora helped me to develop a laser focus of exactly what I really do.

She also elicited from me who exactly my clients are and where to find them. We also planned several approaches — how to identify my clientele and how to engage them. Together, we figured out what my clients really want, their fears and their desires.

While not inserting herself into the creative process, she patiently asked me questions to stimulate my vision in order to craft marketing materials. Together we shaped a logo, found a name, developed a marketing platform, complete with fliers, brochures, business cards, press kits and folders. She was able to refer me to a graphic designer who was a good fit for the project (she even told me all his weaknesses so that I would understand how to work with him better. – Who does that?)

Not only is Tora a brilliant brand developer and marketing expert, she is an exceptional human being. She returns my calls and emails promptly, and has talked me off several ledges. She has impeccable morals and lives by a code of excellence. She is there when I need her, not just for our appointments. She goes above and beyond the call, habitually.

Tora has helped me to build and hone business development strategies, benchmarks and even scripts of what to say and when to say it… She has walked me through the fine points of negotiating, giving me scenarios to work through and providing clarification of the underlying intention driving the dialogue, showing me when to back off and when to not blink.

I am an expert at what I do… but I am not naturally adept at developing business. I was upset when I thought I had to learn a whole new discipline — the science of branding and marketing. But I didn’t! Tora has been able to expertly ask the right questions, offer support and guidance to help me move into my market, effortlessly. She has a keen eye on the horizon and is prepared to facilitate success at every turn.”
Elizabeth Johnson – Educational Consultant

“Working with Tora since September of 2012 has greatly improved my author-based business. I have self published a book that is steadily increasing in sales, and have been promoting a tour to Tuscany, that now has 9 sign-ups—last year there were 3, so I am thrilled with the increase. I am in the process of writing a business plan with Tora’s guidance. The clarity and step-by-step focus Tora gives me in our consultations has enlightened every aspect of my work–to breaking down the process so I can set goals and celebrate the triumphs, to learning how to better schedule my time, and bringing in new ideas to increase profitability and visibility. I look forward to continuing this process and am so grateful for all the guidance Tora has given me.”

Susan-Author, Actor